About Dave


New ImageI was born December 17 1962 in Barking, Essex and I’m the eldest of seven children. After I finished school at 16, I decided to follow in my dad’s footsteps and become a carpenter and joiner. I started an apprenticeship with the company he worked for and attended Hackney Technical College in East London for three years – I graduated in 1981. Soon after that my dad and I went self employed and worked mostly in and around London until he retired.
Unfortunately, my eyesight had deteriorated over the years and in 2008 I had to give up my trade and find a new career. I spent a year as a student at the RNC (Royal National College for the Blind and Visually Impaired) in Hereford where I retrained for a Business Administration Level 2 NVQ. I spent a further year working there as a marketing assistant after my course finished. With the help of my lecturers and colleagues I learnt all I needed to know about computers, which has helped me develop a new career in writing.
I published my debut novel ‘Satis’ (part one) as an e-book on Amazon in December 2012 and look forward to writing many more.
In the picture (above, far right) I am with my good friends Ray and Julie after the 2009 London Half Marathon – we’re actually holding each other up! I did it in 2hrs 6mins… I haven’t done any running since!
Julie and I appeared on a Channel 4 TV show called How To Look Good Naked. It was a special edition about people with various disabilities. The tagline was… ‘With a Difference’. We were in the group photo that was shot separately from the main feature. Our photo also ended up in the 2011 charity calendar of the show – we were April!
Julie and I, with presenter Gok Wan after the photo shoot…